Magnificent Seven – Maximise your training dividend

On 12th October we released an article on our blog asking what happened to the dividend from trainng.  In the article we offered our 7 top tips to consider when designing and procuring training.  If you missed them, here they are again as part of the Magnificent Seven series

  1. Plan professional development and decide what skills are needed, don’t just buy courses because everyone else does. 
  2. Consider whether  you want people to know about a topic or whether you want them to have skills, the design of the course will be significantly different and decisions on what techniques they need skills in will be required.
  3. Different qualifications reflect different competencies,  our two exam boards are totally different, APMG test the knowledge of the book, whereas C4CM test the ability to apply knowledge – both very relevant but very different
  4. Consider little and often,  short course (1 day) have less impact on productivity in the workplace and can contribute to gradual improvement in performance
  5. Remember that programme and project technical knowledge is only one dimension on an individual’s delivery, developing the right behaviours and contextual knowledge is equally important.
  6. Consider training in teams,  there is more chance of the knowledge being spread across the team and the team element supporting individuals developing their skills
  7. Ensure that the organisational context is in place for the training, we have noted a totally different level of commitment and benefit from delegates attending training courses where they have a hunger for the knowledge to solve a problem.

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