Ten things this week – 18th August

1. The riots in numbers: £200m+, the cost of damage to business; 1m+, signatures on a petition for rioters and looters to lose benefits; 2000+ the number of arrests so far; 55, the percentage of those appearing in court who are under 18. BBC
2. Radio is booming in popularity. A record 91.7% of Britons tune in to radio every week; and in the quarter to June, Radio 4 attracted a record 11 million listerners each week. Guardian
3. 53% of the population support the return of the death penalty, and 34% oppose it. 63% of men are in favour, but only 44% of women. 66% think the method of execution should be lethal injection, rather than hanging (12%, electric chair (5%), firing squad (4%) or gas chamber (4%). Mail
4. The Statue of Liberty is to close for a year from October for a $27.25m renovation to improve safety. The New York landmark closed for more than two years for a safety upgrade after the 9/11 attacks. About 3.5m people visit it every year. Observer
5. 200 million tweets are sent on Twitter each day. One year ago the site was averaging 65 million tweets per day. Times
6. The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy in 133 B.C. London, England reached the mark in 1810 and New York, USA made it in 1875. Today, there are over 300 cities in the world that boast a population in excess of 1 million. @askten on Twitter
7. Of the ten highest paid female athletes, seven of them represent the sport of tennis. Maria Sharapova holds court with earnings of $25m per annum. Having returned to the sport in 2011 after injuries she reached the Wimbledon finals. Her Nike deal is one of the biggest in sports. Forbes
8. The iPad2 was launched to great acclaim earlier in the year and is still considered the best, offering the smoothest tablet experience. It offers a string of incremental but important improvements on its predecessor and remains a stretch ahead of the pack. However, the iPad3 is due on these shores in March next year. T3
9. House sales have been held back by the reality gap in the market, with asking prices rising for most of this year while selling prices have been flat. Asking prices dropped by 2.1% this month after a 1.6% fall in July. The average asking price of £231,543 is now 14% higher than the average £203,528 selling price. Rightmove
10. Second string, meaning replacement or backup, comes from the middle ages. An archer always carried a second string in case the one on his bow broke. @askten on Twitter


Thanks to Ten Training of Bristol for the information

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