Magnificent Seven – benefits management

In this day of short attention spans and instant gratification – we are running a series of seven hot tips on a particular topic – not surpringly called – the Magnificent Seven
  1. Benefit achievements should be embedded in the personal objectives of the responsible people
  2. Risk rate the benefit, look at the likelihood of its achievement and factor the amount accordingly
  3. Attribute where the benefit will appear and contract that group to deliver the change and ensure there is a support infrastructure to make it happen
  4. Measure it – If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it – what you had identified is not a benefit
  5. Blueprint models of how the organisation functions now and will in the future must exist, these provide the evidence for the calculation of the benefits
  6. Limit the number of benefits being pursued – focus on the must haves not the nice to haves
  7. Early on the programme board agenda – put benefits at the top of the agenda

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