Press release : Chinese Best Practice

Two of the UKs leading project and programme management consultancy organisations, Outperform UK Ltd and Aspire Europe Ltd will be showcasing UK Best Practice at a 3-day forum in Beijing, 23-25 September 2011.
The forum is hosted by Wow Projects, a Beijing based project management company that was involved in the translation of UK Government guidance on project management, namely PRINCE2®.
The forum will include numerous presentations and workshops for senior managers from Chinese companies, public bodies and charities on the UK Cabinet Office best management practice frameworks of PRINCE2 (projects), MSP® (programmes), MoP® (portfolios) P3M3® (maturity model) and P3O® (project, programme and portfolio offices). The presentations and workshops will be led by Andy Murray who was the lead author for PRINCE2 and Rod Sowden who was the lead author for MSP and P3M3.
Andy Murray, a director at Outperform, comments, “My wife and I toured China for our honeymoon, which included a cruise down the Yangtze river and a visit to the Three Gorges Damn. The visitor centre at the damn had a whole section regarding its project management. I momentarily forgot I was on my honeymoon I was so engrossed in the project information I had to be physically dragged away! It’s clear the Chinese are very good at managing large scale infrastructure projects, so I’m now looking forward to connecting with fellow PPM professionals to exchange best practices.”
Rod Sowden, the Managing Director of Aspire Europe, is also looking forward to the forum. “We did a study on behalf of the National Audit Office of the programme for 2012 Olympic Games and we noted how much of their approaches were based on lessons from Beijing’s Olympics in 2004. Our trip includes visits to the Olympic Park, China Hydro and the Aerospace Academy so I think we’ll be asking as many questions as we will be answering,”
The UK Government guidance on project, programme and portfolio management is recognised worldwide for practical, easy to follow yet thorough frameworks for organisations to adopt. PRINCE2 is now available in more than 20 languages and exams have been taken in more than 115 countries with more than half a million people being certified.
Yan Xiaowei, the General Manager for Wow Projects, comments, “This is the second senior management forum on project and programme management held in Beijing and the most popular request was for it to include sessions on PRINCE2 and MSP. We approached the two lead authors to see if they could help and were delighted when they both agreed to participate in the forum in person.”

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