Beijing BWMC Senior International Project Management Forum – Day 1

Rod Sowden of Aspire and Andy Murray have now been in Beijing for 4 days as guests of WOW Projects in Beijing.  We have been struck by two things;  firstly the vastness of project management in China as an industry, and secondly the kindness and sense of fun of the Chinese people with whom we have worked with.

We are hosting two days of seminars at the BWMC Senior International Project Management Forum in Beijing,  on the first day we have provided sessions and workshops overing:

  1. Introduction to PRINCE2 and MSP frameworks
  2. Governance and control using PRINCE2 and MSP

For the first few days our general view was that the market for PRINCE2 is opening as organisations in China see the value and potential of the governance and control within their project environment, with MSP being something that may be more of interest in a year or two when they mature, as it was in the UK and other markets.

This view was blown apart in the afternoon session of the conference, when after the MSP Governance model presentation, there was a deluge of questions from delegates of organisations regarding the Business Change Manager role. It became apparent that as the Chinese organisations are growing into overseas markets and reacting to increasing competitiveness of western companies, then the issues and stresses of business change are now being faced by organisations here as well.

In addition, delegates from larger organisations could see the value of MSP as providing the glue which connects their projects to business strategy, again organisations here have similar problems to us.

The conference continues on Friday, when Andy and Rod will be introducing,  P3M3, Benefits Management and how to make organisations P3M performance fly.

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