Training investment – where is the dividend?

Aspire Europe – What happened to the dividend from training – 10 Oct 2011

In this article we pose the question – ‘Why, after so much training, are organisations still struggling with programme and project management performance, where is the dividend?’

Organisations have spent a fortune on training up their project and programme managers, in fact, it is one of the top 3 categories for training expenditure for the UK government. Extensive work has been done to improve the tools that they use and the quality of the processes, so why do some organisations seem to be naturally good at project management whist others are not?

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One response to “Training investment – where is the dividend?

  1. Carl Gomersall

    A lot of training that I have witnessed is general and although this training is useful I think that training on the PM tools that allow for the identification and rectification process is an important step that is not given sufficient time and in some cases is missed out altogther.

    This PM Tool training has to be linked in a way that PM’s can relate to used in simulations initially with real data from projects that didn’t go so well and to identify the turning point. The application of this training then needs to be supported by and consolidated in the field.

    I have found that the mentor mentee relationship is useful to reinforce and validate the learning.

    Just a few opening comments….

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