Business projects – when are we going to learn?

Business projects – when are we going to learn Part 1

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This is a bigger article than normal, because when started to put it together there was more to say than we realized – in fact we have broken into two parts, the second will be in the next edition. Our consultancy work and maturity assessments have given us a mountain of evidence that suggests organizations are still struggling to get a grip of business projects. This isn’t really that surprising, because many of the techniques and wisdom that abounds within project management, has roots in construction or engineering projects.  ICT projects are now much better run, because a visionary somewhere realized that it was a new genre and that a more specific approach was required, hence the growth of PRINCE2 and the very positive effect it has had, and now we see Agile emerging in the same space. Business projects are run using methods that emerged from these environments and require certainty, when in reality many, business projects exist in very unstable change environments – this article explores these issues and provides some suggestions for people running these types of projects, part two of the article will look at ways we can address this challenges, and the potential emergence of a new project management genre.

The attached pdf is the first part of the article

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One response to “Business projects – when are we going to learn?

  1. Charlotte Daly

    I have just completed a project on accessibility needs, and the most difficult part was not delivering the technical fixes (correct markup of HTML, and changing CSS attributes) but documenting the behaviours and processes around accessibility web products, and how effective these have been and the appetite for future accessible products. I only managed that by taking off my project management hat and putting on a Business Analyst one. All the stuff in the article I could really relate to, especially the tension between the subject experts (and their lack of project management understanding ) and the project management methodology. Now that the project is finished I do feel however that it was more of a ‘tick box’ exercise than taking accessibility user needs seriously, and seeing the benefits of doing that.

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