Programmes without blueprints are out of control

MSP Sound bites – why programmes without blueprints are out of control

Programmes without a blueprint are actually out of control whether they know that or not is another matter. In this article with liken a programme a yacht and explain how it isn’t what you see on the surface that is providing the control, it is what happens below the waterline that is important.  For more news and views, why not visit our website at

If your programme is exhibiting any of these characteristics then this article is for you.

Unexpected problems start to occur within projects and fire fighting becomes the modus operandi

  1. Project issues dominate the programme board
  2. Unidentified risks start to materialise a bit to frequently
  3. Benefits are rarely discussed
  4. The BCM lacks authority or purpose
  5. Many uncontrolled or unclear dependencies between projects and other initiatives start to manifest themselves
  6. Decision making is ad-hoc, reactionary or just slow
  7. Stakeholder resistance begins to increase and programme losses support
  8. Programmes either lacks momentum of feel like a roller coaster

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