Alternative definitions for programme and project management

We have been doing work in a number of organisations in the last few months, and it has become noticeable to us that the traditional definitions of project and programme management that have been developed by various bodies tend to be a bit wordy and not that applicable to different genres, for example, business projects.

So here are our current Aspire definitions and we hope you find them useful

“A project  is an initiative that will deliver a change in the capability of the organisation and is aligned to the achievement of a business objective”

Definitions of programme management are even more convoluted if you look at PMI or MSP, so here is the Aspire cut down version.

“A programme  is an initiative that will deliver  one or more elements of the corporate plan by delivering structure change through projects and achieves benefits for the organisation”

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter where we will discuss these in more detail


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