Talent wanted – Registered Consultants

An OGC/APMG registered consultant is the highest qualification available to a consultant in the P3M industry.  It is the entry criteria to being able to officially use P3M3 and you get to find out the dark secrets of the inner workings.

At Aspire we have been leading the way (the first MSP Accredited Consultancy) with many of the OGC products and are now in a position to start to nurture new talent and work with independents who are interested in raising their qualification standards.  We have many interesting assignments and opportunities for people achieving this level in the UK and Asia Pacific.

Below is the criteria for being a Registered Consultant; if you believe you can achieve these criteria please get in touch.

To be eligible for certification as a Registered Consultant, an individual must apply in writing, be sponsored by an ACO, pay the appropriate fee and meet the following criteria:-

  • Have two years experience in general management consultancy services and two years experience in the appropriate methodology, where applicable.
  • Knowledge of relevant methodology by passing the appropriate highest level examination with a mark of not less than 66%.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate methodology by maintaining registration as a Practitioner/Advanced Practitioner where applicable.
  • Re-registration examinations in relevant methods should then be taken and passed with a minimum mark of 66% every three to five years (where applicable).
    • Failure to achieve the requisite mark on the re-registration examination within two attempts will lead to suspension (see Registered Consultant Certification)
    • Be able to provide a minimum of four valid professional referees.
    • Be able to present full oral evidence of at least one completed relevant management consultancy assignment related to each product sought.
    • Be able to provide a portfolio of evidence to show that the required standards can be met. 
    • Demonstrate that you will promote a professional image, particularly when presenting ideas and findings to a client.

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