MSP Survival Guides

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, we are working on a commission from the TSO to produce a range of products called MSP Survival Guides. One of the issues that we have been finding is that many people have done the MSP courses or tried to use the manual but really struggle to apply it to their world or scenario.

The MSP manual is necessarily broad as it is a framework rather than a method. On many of our consultancy assignments we have seen programmes that have claimed to use MSP but the interpretation has often made their life harder rather than easier, as was intended.

We are therefore producing shorter guides for the core roles. The 2011 version of the manual provided a lot more specific advice but there is a limit to what can be achieved in the main guide, so these guides will supplement the main guide, interpret the concepts, providing helpful hints and tips and examples. The first two to be issued will be Survival Guides for BCMs and Programme Managers.

The BCM guide is currently being written so if you are a BCM, or have experiences of seeing this role done really well (or badly that we can learn from) that you would like to share or you would be interested in reviewing, please get in touch. We will ensure you are credited with your contribution to the book, drop an email to

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