Cabinet Office go to tender for new partner

The current contracts with TSO and APM Group have come up for renewal, the UK Cabinet Office have chosen not to take the extension that was available in the contract and go to tender for a new service model

Here is a recent statement

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to provide you with an update on the future of the Best Management Practice portfolio, following our consultation with you in the summer.

I should start by saying that HM Government is committed to the success of the portfolio and the quality that has defined their evolution and ever increasing popularity. It is vital that best practice standards are applied across the public sector – and indeed all sectors – in the UK and beyond, and the Best Practice Management portfolio plays a central role in ensuring  they are.

The arrangements that have been in place for the past six years have worked well. The products have been consolidated into a single portfolio and under one brand and have seen strong growth both in the UK and, increasingly, internationally.

We want to ensure that the products are placed on a strong, financially secure platform that is able to strengthen their quality and position in an increasingly competitive market place, while continuing to provide value to the public purse.

We have therefore decided to explore whether we can bring greater collective focus and operational freedoms  to the products by establishing a joint venture company with HMG working with a commercial partner or consortium.

The proposed arrangement would see HMG assign the Best Management Practice  IP it owns to the joint venture company. HMG as a significant shareholder in the company would continue to have an active interest in the development of the products – not least to ensure they remain relevant and of a sufficiently high standard to meet the needs of the wider UK public sector.


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  1. A work mate linked me to this site. Thank you for the

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