Deliver PRINCE2 benefits for children in Cape Town!

PRINCE2 for Africa Foundation is looking for volunteers to join the building trip that will take place from the 19th to 28th April 2013. A group of 40 Dutch Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers will join this year’s trip and build two class rooms for Philippi Children’s Centre. The volunteers from Heineken, Dutch Police, Dutch Railways, Phillips and many others have joined hands and raised between € 45,000 – € 60,000 for the school.

Bouwreis (Nicole) - 282

During the week all work will be managed according to the PRINCE2 methodology.  MSP workshops will be organised in relation to the Starting Chance Campaign that aims to upgrade and realise 30 best practice Early Childhood Development Centres (ECD) in order to reach no less than 6000 kids yearly and prepare them for school. This will enable them to succeed in school and later in life. This training is the most practical and inspiring PRINCE2 training on the job in a controlled environment possible.  Aspire Europe represents the Foundation in the UK.

The PRINCE2 for Africa Foundation invites British Project Managers to apply for the trip and be the first British professionals to join the trip.  The costs amount to €2250 which includes flights, hotel, food, transport and leisure.  In addition to the work, you will get the chance to see baboons and penguins on your visits to the Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island. Furthermore you will climb Table Mountain. You will be required to raise a minimum of €600 for the school.

Your experience will be captured in three inspiring movies: one about the project, one about the programme and another about a child taking care of her younger brother.

Contact Aspire Europe Enquiries at for more information and registration for the trip. Together we will register to present your experience at the yearly Best Practice Event of the APM Group – a great resume builder.

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