PRINCE2 for Africa- Day 1-2 Report

Over the last 6 weeks we have brought you news on the support of Aspire towards an incredible initiative run by Global projects. We sent Alice- one of our most highly regarded young project professionals to South Africa to help in a project to refurbish and build township schools for the local children.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you Alice’s story and details of this remarkable project.

alice blog 1

Day 1

After arriving safely in Cape Town and spending an evening meeting and greeting the other 40 project participants, day 1 began by splitting the individuals into 4 teams, the assigning of roles within these teams plus defining the scope of the project. With this structure in place, the afternoon involved a group presentation taking place at the site outlining the history of the local area and previous works of this charity.

Once this was completed, the groups split into their respective teams and started looking at their work packages.

Day 2

This was the day when Alice’s work truly began. Alice was assigned the role of Project support in team 4 and the day 2 schedule began with creating the product breakdown structure and then identifying and analyzing the risks with her team. Cavity wall building began shortly after and took place for the rest of the afternoon. At the end of day 2, Alice produced the checkpoint report for the project manager and updated the issue register and lessons log accordingly.

The next installment of Alice’s experiences using PRINCE2 in South Africa will be released next week, please return to hear more about this wonderful project and charity.

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