PRINCE2 for Africa- Day 3-4 Report

Today, we bring you the latest edition of Alice’s experience of Global projects PRINCE2 initiative in South Africa.

Day 3

This day was taking up solely of working hard alongside the locals and delivering some of the work packages on Alice’s teams breakdown structure. The evening involved meeting local teachers from the school and discussing the positive impacts that these projects have had on the local children of the area over the last few years. A visual presentation and speech was given which was particularly moving for some of the project professionals.


Day 4

This day began with a continuation of the work package delivery, a major change issue occurred whilst the team was creating one of the products and it became clear that a new trench was going to have be created for completion of one of the schools buildings . Alice’s team escalated this issue to the project manager and the change request was granted. Work would continue on the delivery of this new product over the next two days, as project support Alice updated her teams schedule, registers, PBS and logs accordingly.

The afternoon of day 4 was spent at a local farm which provides jobs for parents of the local schools children, these local stakeholders were also responsible for growing the produce to feed the Global projects professionals lunches every day during their stay.

The day closed with a highlight report involving all the teams, the project was still very much within delivery tolerance despite set backs and the creation of new products for 2 of the teams.

Today we leave you with two photos of the work underway, next week we bring you updates from days 5-7 of the project.

Please stay tuned.



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