PRINCE2- Day 5-7 Report

This week we bring you the penultimate installment of Alice’s experience of being a PRINCE2 volunteer for a fantastic cause in South Africa.

Day 5

Day 5 saw a huge breakthrough in the work packages for all the teams as the construction really began to come together. However as the hottest day so far, everyone began to feel drained. The pressure was now on the team managers to keep up the momentum to complete the work with only two days of construction work left. All the foundations had been laid from the previous day and the team could now concentrate on building the walls up specified in the work package and catch up on time lost due to Day 4’s issues.

During the evening, Alice and the volunteers had the opportunity to visit another successful project that the charity SASDI has been involved with. The teams visited a newly built boarding school which takes boys from the streets and provides them with education. The project has seen some tremendous and truly inspiration results as some boys have achieved great things such as becoming qualified lawyers and chefs.


Day 6

With just full four days of hard work, averaging ten hours per day, the final days of building began. At lunch everybody involved got together for a team photo in front of one of the completed work packages and recognised the impressive amount of work that had been achieved in such a short space of time. The volunteers were officially awarded certificates at a presentation ceremony for their hard work and speeches were made. The SASDI founder quoted, “if the volunteers were around when Rome was built, it really would have gone up in a day”.

Friday evening was filled with barbeques and bouncy castles! A celebration of the week’s achievement took place with hundreds of thank you’s to everyone involved alongside a party for the lovely children attending the school.


Day 7

On Saturday morning each team gave a presentation to all the volunteers, project manager, founders and Chairman of the SASDI organisation at the University of Cape Town, on work achieved in their specific packages and lessons learned during the week.

The afternoon involved a trip to Rodden Island- a special occasion and great day to visit as 27th April is a South African public holiday, ‘Freedom Day’ to commemorate the first democratic elections held in 1994.

Next week, we bring you the final installment of Alice’s experience in South Africa, along with a dozen memorable photos from the trip.

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