Programme Management – PMI or MSP – which one is for you?

Programme Management – MSP v PMI – which is right for you

In many markets there is a debate about which of the two programme management frameworks should be adopted, in this article we take an objective view of each of frameworks and compare their relative strengths and weaknesses of the MSP and PMI approach to programme (program) management and intended as a guide when considering the relative strengths of each one.

The overwhelming conclusion of this article is that organisations delivering programmes need to exploit the strengths of both approaches and once understood; they are surprisingly compatible and build on the strengths and weaknesses of each other rather than proposing opposing approaches.

The article has been written by Rod Sowden, lead author for MSP 2007 and 2011.


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2 responses to “Programme Management – PMI or MSP – which one is for you?

  1. Interesting comparison, Rod, thanks for producing it. Have you by chance produced in the meantime one, which would compare MSP 2011 and the newest, i.e. 3rd (2013) edition of PMI’s program management standard? If yes, could you please make it available?

    Many thanks beforehand,

    Stefan Ondek
    MSP, PRINCE2 & P3O Approved Trainer

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