Aspire appointed as Southwark Borough Council partners

We are very pleased to announce that we have been appointed by Southwark Borough Council as their delivery partner for PRINCE2and project management training.

Their requirements included something that proved the value of their training investment. So the Aspire proposition has been to blend a full PRINCE2 practitioner training course using the APMG qualification followed by a Planning Principles course that includes a C4CM vocational qualification.

The output of this package will be qualified project managers in best practice PRINCE2 framework who can prove that they can apply project planning and control techniques are then applied to the individuals own project providing a number of benefits:

  • Individual projects will be better planned
  • Southward will have better control of their projects
  • The project manager knowledge will be deeper, as they techniques will be applied
  • The project managers will be higher qualified.

Claire Rookes, Ops Director of Aspire Europe said:  “It is great to be working with clients who are willing to push the boundaries to use the training to improve performance. The C4CM qualifications are deceptively tough, so we have included a remote mentoring package for the  project managers to help them prepare for their vocational qualification, which will be based on submitted a project plan and controls for their own project not some theoretical challenge. This gives benefits to them as individuals and Southwark”

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