Aspire Europe launch the Align Framework version 2

Aspire Europe is excited to announce the launch of version 2 of the Align Framework.  The Align Framework is a key element of successful project and programme management and has been built to provide a foundation for organisations to achieve higher levels of performance and maturity

Does your organisation suffer from poor or inconsistent project delivery?  Does your organisation have…

  • Incomplete frameworks?
  • Frameworks that replicate manuals and basic theory but add no value?
  • Lifecycles which are rarely adequate?
  • Themes such as risk, which are not connected to the lifecycle in any way, or sit in isolation?
  • Generic role definitions with no application of the responsibilities?
  • Templates that bear no resemblance to the lifecycle or processes?
  • No relationship between programme and project management systems
  • Training investment that is unconnected to day to day delivery?

The Align Framework underpins portfolio management by: providing a consistent management framework for programme and projects; helping organisations that have a framework to integrate their approach; addressing gaps, and; building current processes into a portal accessible across the organisation.

The Align Framework is available in a number of formats and organisations in the early stages of development will have a framework that is scalable and will sustain their growth into the future.

For more information – Introducing the Align Framework  – or contact us at

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