APM Competency Framework – have your say

Posted by Toby Adams on 17 February, 2014 – 12:19

The APM Competence Framework is under review and we would value your comments and feedback on the draft version.

Please familiarise yourself with the guidance notes before reading the drafted content and providing your constructive feedback. The last date for recording feedback will be Friday 7 March, after which this discussion thread will be closed.

Alternatively, you can provide your feedback directly by emailing APM.

Guidance notes

APM Competence Framework – draft

This consultation will help shape the final version of the APM Competence Framework, which will then be used as the basis for a series of role profiles covering project-, programme- and portfolio-management and PMO. A mechanism for categorising levels of achievement (e.g. a ratings scale) will also be developed.

The draft APM Competence Framework
The development process to date has resulted in a draft APM Competence Framework that is made up of 24 competences grouped within the following four domains:

  • Governance
  • Planning and Control
  • Managing others
  • Professionalism.

Each competence comprises the following:

  • An indication of the domain within which the competence sits;
  • A number and title (e.g. Competence 5: Communications Management);
  • A behavioural statement which summarises the competence (e.g. ‘to establish and manage arrangements to keep stakeholders informed of progress, taking account of their particular interests’);
  • An introduction which provides an overview of the competence and indicates other related competences;
  • An ‘experience’ section which defines the outcomes of competent performance;
  • A ‘knowledge’ section which defines the knowledge and understanding underpinning competent performance, i.e. the knowledge indicators support the experience indicator


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