Project Challenge – a few reasons to drop in and see Aspire Europe

Aspire Europe has been growing and expanding since our “last stand” in 2010, so a few things you might like to find out about:

Programme and project frameworks

Frameworks have become big in our world, we have created a unique product called the Align Framework, which integrates the best of all the bodies of knowledge into a fully configured management framework built onto a portal, if you would like to have an early look at the product you can find it at the following site:

Training and education

We have been growing and extending our products. We have more 1 day modular courses and we have now migrated most of our courses into an interactive e-learning format. So you can chose face to face, e-learning, vodcasts and podcasts,  or a blended approach. You can find more information from our dedicated Aspire Academy website:

Maturity and performance modelling

Our prominence in the P3M3  world has been growing for the last 6 years, in collaboration with our partners at Outperform. Betweeen us, we have delivered over 200 P3M3 assessments and are by far the biggest supplier in the world, we have created our own benchmarking database with results from over 350 assessments, including ours and other partners.

Together, Aspire and Outperform  have just completed the development of P3M3 V3, being released in 2014, so if you are interested in an informal discussion or a formal quote, drop by the stand (109/111) or one of the presentations at the main hall on Wednesday and Thursday

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