P3M3 V3 2014 is out there

As regular Aspire Europe watchers will know, we developed the 2008 version for the OGC, and in 2012 ourselves and partners Outperform were exclusively appointed to develop the new P3M3 Version 3. Within this team we had lead authors and authors of not only P3M3 2008, but also MSP and PRINCE2, as well as registered consultants for MoP, MoR and P3O.

This original product was a published PDF which contained an overview of maturity models and an extensive list of attributes against which organisations could assess themselves or be formally assessed by accredited consultancies.

The new model is a major upgrade to environment within which P3M3 will  be supported, which now includes:

  1. An Introductory Guide. This is a book that explain P3M3 in detail and how to go about using it for your organisations benefit. Previously there was no supporting publication for the framework, only the model itself.
  2. Online self assessment tool.  Previously there was a downloadable assessment that was notoriously inaccurate, this new product is online and enables you to upload information and be provided with an indicative rating
  3. Assessment model. This is a revamped set of attributes that enables a far greater degree of accuracy in the results and diagnostics for the clients, this model is only available to accredited consultancy organisations, there a model for each of portfolio, programme and project management.
  4. Full assessment toolkit. This is the framework, process and tools that the accredited assessment organisations will use when undertaking assessments in the future.

The testing and quality assurance of P3M3 has been far more extensive than any of the authors experiences writing MSP or PRINCE2.

Rod Sowden said “P3M3 is the most complex and extensive assignment we have worked on, creating a framework that will be used by organisations across the world to measure their effective is a big job with comes a lot of responsibility. The teams at Aspire and Outperform worked so hard to get it right and we have drawn on our joint experiences of over 250 assessments to produce the best product we could, we have also grown a lot greyer over the last 18 months!”

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