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We have recently received the following from AXELOS.


At just past the half-way point in 2014, AXELOS is embodying the Latin phrase “A posse ad esse”: from the possible to the actual. We’ve talked a lot about it; now it’s becoming a reality.

It is one year since the AXELOS joint venture was established, six months since we began trading under the new name and we now have 50 members of staff. The second half of the year is ahead of us, promising a host of new initiatives that we’re looking forward to sharing with you.

We’ve learned a lot this year from visiting and talking to our partners and companies around the world. While there are some common themes, there are hugely diverse factors affecting organizations in every geographic location. Previously in best practice frameworks the notion of “translation” into different languages was dominant. Now, the trend is more about “localization”. To this end, we’re working closely with our local partners to explore how this comes to life in practice, whether it’s in India, Japan, Australia or elsewhere.

Equally, we have repeatedly witnessed evidence of the need for best practice frameworks: multinational companies with a spread of technology are eager to instil a common language for best practice across their organizations. In turn, they see value in all their people adopting best practice approaches, going far beyond adoption by the professionals who have “project management” in their job title.

But if I were to point to specific initiatives that encapsulate the new world AXELOS wants to help create for global best practice communities, there are two in particular: the launch of the Global Partner Programme and the investment we’re making in marketing and advertising the concept and solutions for best practice frameworks (both featured in this eBulletin). With campaigns in high profile media including The Economist and the FT, along with co-marketing opportunities, our training organization and examination institute partners can be assured – you are no longer alone in selling best practice!

These examples illustrate the original logic behind setting up AXELOS and are key milestones on a journey we’re taking alongside our global training and exam institute partners. And we thank you sincerely for your help and co-operation during the first phase.

With the right partners, team and products in place, going from the possible to the actual can happen sooner than you think.

Peter Hepworth
AXELOS Global Best Practice

More updates from AXELOS can be found here.

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