Why programmes need blueprints

The blueprint is one of the most important documents in a programme, but it is also the one that is most likely to be missing or the content is weak,  so in answer to the question “why do we need to bother with blueprints?”, here is the answer (the magnificent seven).

  1. Provides the detailed development of the Vision and underpins the options analysis in the business case
  2. Creating the blueprint engages key stakeholders in building and understanding the future operating model for the organisation
  3. Provide the basis for calculating benefits
  4. Provides the detailed understanding of what is needed to define the project requirements
  5. Understand the level of change and associated risk that the programme faces
  6. Provide the basis for more effective decision making as the impact can be assessed
  7. Better control though Intermediate states that enable  clarity of direction and effective planning

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