Major Projects Authority: what we’re doing to help departments improve project execution

We thought it would be worth bringing this to your attention – Major Projects Authority what we are doing to help departments improve project execution

It is a briefing by Tim Banfield who was Head of the National Audit Office and is now Director at the MPA ( Major Projects Authority). And as such he has had a lot of exposure to a lot of projects from an assurance point of view. Tim employed Aspire Europe to review the London Olympics in 2009 and 2010.

Andy Goodchild (one of our team) attended the webinar, below he summarises the key points:

  1. His first slide sums it up RIGHT PROJECTS DONE RIGHT – that is the aim of the MPA and someone asked if they were doing portfolio management.
  2. He talks a lot about Prioritisation and Delivery confidence – again all things that are very much in the Portfolio space.
  3. An interesting are he focused on was the emergence of good TALENT MANAGEMENT and he even referenced the PMI Pules of Professionalism report. He emphasised the need to focus upon Competence and Career Paths rather than just training
  4. Tim focused on the accountability of SRO’s and work they are doing in government to make it better.
  5. He also mentioned two NAO reports that he thought people should look at.
    • One is about optimism bias and well worth a read : you can find it here
    • The other is an old one but really worth knowing about. It is based upon the NAO finding that “if you start a project wrong it will finish wrong” The report can be found here

Both of these reports are fairly short and well worth a read.

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