Why is microlearning relevant?

Microlearning is a new kind of training for the digital age. It solves the unique challenges facing educators and trainers such as dwindling attention spans, knowledge workers with less time, companies’ shrinking budgets, and perhaps most challenging – rapid technological turnover causing lessons to expire as fast as they’re produced. This playbook offers strategies for applying a microlearning methodology to your own curriculum — a positive step in gaining back lost productivity, affordable and effective training, and a more capable workforce.

Download this free white paper to learn:

  • The ideal length and format of a micro lesson
  • Specific strategies and workflow for designing and creating microlearning
  • How to make your microlearning more engaging, “sticky” and effective
  • Grovo’s own proprietary process for creating a micro lesson

At Aspire we have our own version of microlearning with our interactive learning (i-learning). We have all the main APM Group qualification courses and a range of topic specific courses that focus on application of the concepts, for example, planning. The courses are modularised into over 200 “Knowledge Nuggets”. Which are short sharp sessions covering a specific topic or technique.


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