Cycling 206 miles in a day by Andy Murray of Outperform

Nearly 2 years ago my best friend passed away after losing his battle with Leukaemia, aged only 44.  In his memory 3 of his friends (Alan Kinnear, John Kinnear and Tony Pez) spent Sunday 07th June on the saddles of their bikes riding from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, to Wrexham in North Wales. I supported, by tracking them all the way in my broom wagon (my camper-van) providing spares/tools, food/water and much needed change of shorts.

The ride will be 206 miles, give or take a few wrong turns, with a final ‘sting in the tail’ with the Horseshoe Pass at the end. They will be doing this in a single day and no doubt will have sore backsides as well as legs as this will be the equivalent of running two Marathons consecutively.

The reason for this ride is to raise money for the fight against cancer.

Not a day passes when we do not think of Mark, because he was a phenomenal bloke, and he would have done this and much more for us.  We watched Mark fight cancer, and thanks to the generosity of an anonymous stem donor in Germany, he beat it.

Cancer is not what killed Mark. A lung infection did. He could not fight it due to the immune suppressing drugs which he had to take. It was a typical ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ cancer treatment.

DONATIONS, still open. The money you give will help towards finding a solution as to how to cure cancer without compromising a body’s ability to repair itself. Whatever you give, it will help.

The link to the Just Giving Page is:

The link to Strava for the route is:

The reason for the route is that Mark grew up in Wrexham, but then lived in Stevenage through his 20’s before returning to Wrexham to settle down.

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