Successful project leadership through applying insights from neuroscience

NeuroBusiness 2015 is the first conference of its kind in the UK.  The programme focuses on enabling businesses and organisations to benefit from the power of breakthrough research in the field of neuroscience and associated disciplines.

Leading international speakers and global experts on the latest developments in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and psychology in the workplace are presenting key notes and workshops.

The conference is aimed at business leaders, HR professionals, researchers and line managers to gain new insights, skills and approaches which can be easily applied in the work place to tap into the latent potential in their workforce.  This will help to maximise the value they generate through the way they lead and engage with their people and the cultures they create.

The full conference programme can be found here.

On day 2 of this conference, there will be a ‘team animation’ session hosted by Donnie MacNicol, ex-chair of the APM People SIG (specific interest group) entitled ‘Successful project leadership through applying insights from neuroscience’. This will be a 1 hour breakfast session from 8am with breakfast provided from 7.30am.

This session will be bookable separately to the rest of the conference and anyone interested in attending should book a space by clickinghere. The cost is £13.50.

Session description:
Organisations are changing due not only to new technologies and market and consumer pressures but also internally from employees who now wish to work in more collaborative and supportive environments. Project and program leadership is now a critical capability for all organisations – whether to make the changes necessary internally to adapt in the current climate or provide value to customers through their services or products.

Appropriate and effective project and program management practices, which are continually evolving, should provide the leader with the structures and processes to deliver the expected outcomes and benefits but success is not always guaranteed. Fortunately neuroscience is providing insights into many areas of individual and collective working including motivation, delivery of change, building trusting relationships, etc which is of particular value to those involved in the delivery of projects. The session will focus on what project leaders should do to deliver success, informed by neuroscience, in this challenging environment. It will identify how we should modify project practice, collaboration and the organisations themselves to ensure sustained success.


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