New APM Competence Framework

The new APM Competence Framework 2nd edition, released in June 2015, describes APM’s new view of the competences necessary for effective project, programme, portfolio management and PMO in today’s environment and in our view of the future needs of the profession. It’s been created by professionals for professionals and it provides a common reference for all organisations and individuals engaged in project activities regardless of their size, sector or geographic location.

It’s been developed through a robust and thorough consultation process, and has been fully approved by the relevant APM technical assurance groups. You can have confidence that it’s been developed based on cutting edge thinking with input from industry experts.

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Key features and benefits at a glance:

  • A modern framework to use as it is or easily adapt and integrate it into your existing frameworks
  • Simplified format that’s easier to use and assess yourself and your organisation against
  • Number of competences streamlined from 47 to 27, removing duplication
  • Scope extended to cover roles beyond project management, programme management, portfolio management and PMO
  • 14 new role profiles developed to allow professionals to measure their skills, knowledge and professional needs against specific roles and competencies. Now you can marry the skills you have to the skills you require.


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