Introduction to the new version of P3M3®

On Wednesday 18th November 2015, the Aspire Europe Managing Director Rod Sowden (P3M3 lead author 2008 and joint lead author 2015) will be presenting the Introduction to the new version of P3M3, APM event.

P3M3 Version 3 was released earlier this summer by AXELOS to build on the success of the 2008 version in the global private and public sectors.

This session will introduce the concepts of maturity models and how they have been successfully adopted by the P3M industry. Rod will explain the new model, what the changes are, why they were needed and what impact they are likely to have. The event will include anecdotes and examples from as far afield as New Zealand and China and how local organisations in the South West have used it.

For more information on the event, please go here

P3M3® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.


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