Transition between current and new Civil Service Learning contracts

We have recently received the following news from Capita:

Capita CSL’s current contract with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for delivering Civil Service Learning (CSL) requirements is ending and contracts for future services are being tendered. You can find the announcement of the first phase of contracts here

The requirement for delivering bespoke learning, including to the professions is still  being considered (Gateways) and is yet be published. Transition arrangements are now being put in place to manage the closure of the current contracts.

We appreciate wholeheartedly your work on our behalf in delivering learning through the CSL contract to date and recognise that these opportunities remain an important potential revenue stream for you. We are writing to keep you informed and explain what we know about arrangements during the transition period.

Civil Service Learning anticipates that the majority of Gateway applications for the remainder of the current contract will have been identified by the end of 2015, although we can continue to accept urgent requirements until 28th February 2016. We will honour and manage all Gateway projects that start before 1st March 2016; however, they will have to be completed by 28th February 2017 when our transitional arrangement with CSL ends.

If any Gateway projects extend beyond February 2017, these will be managed on a case by case basis.

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