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Agile Business Consortium Candidate Membership Offer

Did you know that as a successful AgilePM®, AgileBA® and AgilePgM® candidate you are eligible for one year’s free membership of the Agile Business Consortium? 

Here at Aspire Academy we offer both AgilePM and AgileBA, please contact theacademyteam@aspireeurope.com if interested.

Individual Consortium membership offers the following benefits:

  • 20% discount on items in the Consortium’s webshop
  • Free access to Member Training Days
  • 20% discount on general events such as the Agile Business Conference
  • Free access to the latest templates
  • Discounts on selected events run by partner organizations
  • Belonging to an organisation at the forefront of Agile development

This page, provides an overview of the initiative.

AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Ltd.
AgileBA® is a registered trade mark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Ltd.
AgilePgM™ is a registered trademark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Ltd. All rights reserved.


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Agile Project Management – 5 lessons for the unwary

Over the last year or two we have reviewed a number of programmes and projects that are using an “agile” approach. There are a number of common problems that have come to light that should be of interest to any organisation setting out on an agile endeavour for the first time.

Agile, Lean or project management are not cures for unproductive or incompetent teams, weak leadership or poor performance management. All methods have their place and can add value and improve performance, but none on their own are a panacea as they all depend on the capability of the people involved.

This article sets out some of the key lessons that we have taken from our reviews.aspire-logo

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How to manage agile

Top management are eager to understand the successes they see in agile innovation of the post-internet boom, says Brian Wernham, deputy chairman of the Governance Specific Interest Group and board member of the Association for Project Management.

What can be learnt from the programming geeks who adopted the Agile Manifestoand rewrote the rule book on IT project management?

Read more here


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PRINCE2® Agile – two worlds become one in latest best practice guidance

A ground-breaking initiative to blend PRINCE2 and agile methods in a new best practice guide and qualification is underway at AXELOS and scheduled to launch in 2015.

This first significant development from AXELOS’ Project and Programme Management (PPM) portfolio is about equipping seasoned PRINCE2 practitioners to tailor their management controls for an agile way of working while simultaneously assisting agile practitioners to better understand PRINCE2 governance requirements.

Two leading experts – agile consultant, Keith Richards of agileKRC and US-based Larry Cooper of BSSNexus Global Inc., are now involved in creating the new guidance and gathering feedback from the user community as well as our Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), consulting organizations and academia.

Frances Scarff, Product Development Director at AXELOS said: “We believe the concepts in PRINCE2 and agile are complementary, mutually supportive and should be part of the skills toolkit for professionals responsible for both project management and agile delivery.”

Read more about the project  on the AXELOS website, where you can also view a video of AXELOS CEO Peter Hepworth announcing these exciting new developments at the LEADit event in Australia earlier this year, plus a blog post on the topic from our PPM Portfolio Manager, Mike Acaster.


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Lean and Agile Empower your teams and increase collaboration with digital technologies

Here is a link  to a webinar from APM and Projectplace on 7th October 2014. Paul Bamforth discusses how can the growing trend in Lean and Agile be embraced and how can essential collaboration be achieved through use of digital technologies?


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