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The APM – Bad for your Wealth!

Last Wednesday, we included on our blog the new APM (The Association for Project Management) Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 report.

For comparison, here is a link to a report from Arras People in to why the APM may be bad for your wealth!

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Programme Management Knowledge Nugget

“Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Programme management is like a troupe of circus performers standing in a circle, each juggling three balls and swapping balls from time to time.” – G. Reiss 

  • Aspire Europe research and P3M3® assessments show that the majority of organisations are still at level 1 maturity, which means delivery will be characterised as ad-hoc, heroic or chaotic, depending on which programme you look at
  • In terms of qualifications,  the most popular course is still PRINCE2®  with a staggering 69% of UK project management practitioners holding this accreditation, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) comes in second with 24.4% (these statistics are taken from the Arras People Project Management Training Report 2014)
  • When it comes to programme management we know our stuff – Aspire Europe provided  the lead author for the 2007 and 2011 edition of Managing Successful Programmes and we have recently released another book entitled “MSP® Survival Guide for Business Change Manager”.

If you are interested in finding out what programme management is, then we have two useful references below.

  1. MSP® in under 2000 words – This article outlines the key concepts of programme management, the principal roles and themes that make programmes distinctive from portfolios and projects. Click here to read.
  2. If you would rather listen to a podcast, here is Rod Sowden, the MSP® lead author in 2007 and 2011 with a 30 minute overview of the concepts and principles.
MSP® is a registered trademark of the AXELOS Limited.
PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of the AXELOS Limited.

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High Earners in Project Management

In the latest Project Management Salary Guide from Arras People, the independent annual report of the project management industry, of over 2000 practitioners polled, it was found that the highest earners* in project management are males in their forties. The highest earners also work for large organisations within the professional services Project-Management-Salary-Guideand consultancy fields and are delivering ‘business transformation’ projects and programmes.

High earners work in positions such as Portfolio, Programme and PMO Management roles and report to the Board of Directors within their businesses. High earners are educated, obtaining at least a Master’s degree.

The latest report also shows that high earners are not necessarily undertaking qualifications and accreditations. Those high earners who opt for development favour PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes(MSP) and APM’s APMP. 30% of high earners do not have any recognised accreditations.

The Project Management Salary Guide covers both permanent employee salaries and contractor day rates and shows how different aspects of a project practitioner’s life impact their earning potential some highlights include:

  • Those leaving education at high school level are less likely to earn in the £60-75K bracket than those taking degrees and vocational training.
  • Civil engineering and construction Master’s degrees bring a higher earning potential, followed by business and IT.
  • Popular membership choices for higher earners include PMI and the Chartered Institute of Management.
  • Those earning between £60K – £75K are the least likely to undertake project management training and accreditations.
  • Lower earners in project management are more likely to work within community and research based projects.
  • Those working within the £40-50K salary range were less likely to receive a bonus on top of their working wage.
  • High earners are not managing the largest project budgets. Those working in the £50-70K salary range are more likely to be managing budgets over £10 million.

For further insights the Project Management Salary Guide can be downloaded at:


*High earners are classed as earning over £75,000 per annum


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Project managers work one day a week for free

The average practitioner delivers over 20% on top of their contracted hours, according to the latest Project Management Benchmark Report from Arras People.

Working one extra day a week for no extra recompense appears to be a common occurrence, yet wage levels in general still remain stagnant for the majority of project managers. Arras people report

The report, in its tenth year, surveyed over 2000 practitioners and provides insights into the lives and careers of project managers and those who work in the project management profession.

Starting back in 2005 the report was initially focused on salary levels for the industry before extending to its current form to include insights into the working life of a project professional.

Download the Project Management Benchmark Report from the Arras People website.


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Interested in the project management profession?

Click here to view the 2014 Project Management Benchmark Report from Arras People who look at the status and progress of Project Management in the UK.

In this latest independent and in-depth report a comprehensive look is taken across the whole UK marketplace (2500 project practitioners were polled) and includes:

  • Salary levels for project practitioners based on the accreditations they have
  • A look at which training courses are the most popular in the project management marketplace today
  • Highlights that the most experienced and in demand project practitioners have no accreditations at all.
  • Shows training course popularity through a number of lens including sector, gender, and the types of project management roles that exist today

A report like this is invaluable to organisations that count project managers as their employees as it is the only independent, agnostic view of the marketplace today. Access it for free at today.


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