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Brexit – the biggest MSP Programme ever

We had hoped to produce another programme highlight report in September “Brexit – the biggest MSP programme ever” but despite careful monitoring of events, there isn’t any sign of progress towards any of the components of the Programme Brief that we have been waiting for, namely:

  • Vision Statement other than Brexit means Brexit, bit of debate around hard v soft Brexit
  • Estimates of costs and timetable, except for article 50 will be triggered before March 2017
  • Risks, although the mitigation for the plan currency value doesn’t seem to have worked
  • Benefits – a totally blank space

In fact, the latest Stakeholder Engagement Strategy appears to be “no running commentary” and “no discussion in Parliament”.

So to help the  government we thought it might be useful to have a go at helping with the benefits void by producing a benefits map of one of the outcomes, namely, lower immigration, which you can find here brexit-the-immigration-benefits-map

We have tried to be objective in this map and hopefully helps to illustrate the implications of one of the major pillars of the decision to leave, as neither economists or sociologists much of this is open to debate depending on your perception.


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Brexit – the biggest MSP programme ever – August 2016 highlight report

Welcome to the August highlight report for “Brexit – the biggest MSP programme ever”

In the aftermath of the Leave vote in June we thought it would be interesting to illustrate how the MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes)  framework would cope with such a massive challenge, so we released the paper explaining this at the end of June, see this here, with our set of recommendations which proved very popular.

The events of July, whilst appearing random, fitted in almost perfectly with the steps in the MSP® programme process, so rather than produce another paper, we produced a highlight report which again proved really popular. August proved a little light on information due to everyone being on holiday, so we have included events at G20 within the report, some might say the stakeholders are revolting.

This is reflecting the reality of programme management, where there are commitments to major change without clarity of vision for stakeholders to buy into, if they aren’t going to be advocates then the only option is at best ambivalence or more likely adversary, neither of which will enable the guiding coalition needed to deliver such a massive programme.

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