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PMIQLD April Chapter Event Presentation by Rod Sowden

Here is the video of the presentation Rod Sowden (Aspire Europe Ltd. Managing Director and lead author of the current versions of MSP® and P3M3®) recently gave at the PMIQLD April Chapter Event. The presentation was on – Expert insights into the European market for project, program and portfolio management.


MSP® and P3M3® are [registered] trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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How can you raise your project performance baseline?

A significant issue facing many organisations trying to raise their project performance is a fundamental lack of project management competency across the organisation. There is a tendency to upskill project managers with bland generic qualifications when improving organisational awareness and capability as a whole is really what is required in order to achieve sustainable performance.

Aspire Academy are able to assist organisations with this requirement, by offering a solution in the form of our ‘Project Fundamentals I-Learning’ course which targets people with little, or inconsistent levels of experience, by introducing the core concepts of project management with non technical examples.

Our course can be used in the following ways to benefit your organisation.

• As part of a company induction programme to raise the general awareness and understanding of projects to all new staff
• As an introduction to the fundamental concepts and terminology of project management to non project people joining project teams
• As a means of establishing a basic vocabulary across the project community to increase confidence in the consistency of its use and ensure a more effective contribution to project delivery

Why not take a look at our taster version? http://aspireacademy.tv/fundamentalsdemo/

For full details of the course and costs – Click here

If this course is of interest to you or your organisation, we would love to hear from you.

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APM chairman – project management in UK is far more recognised [Video]


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High Earners in Project Management

In the latest Project Management Salary Guide from Arras People, the independent annual report of the project management industry, of over 2000 practitioners polled, it was found that the highest earners* in project management are males in their forties. The highest earners also work for large organisations within the professional services Project-Management-Salary-Guideand consultancy fields and are delivering ‘business transformation’ projects and programmes.

High earners work in positions such as Portfolio, Programme and PMO Management roles and report to the Board of Directors within their businesses. High earners are educated, obtaining at least a Master’s degree.

The latest report also shows that high earners are not necessarily undertaking qualifications and accreditations. Those high earners who opt for development favour PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes(MSP) and APM’s APMP. 30% of high earners do not have any recognised accreditations.

The Project Management Salary Guide covers both permanent employee salaries and contractor day rates and shows how different aspects of a project practitioner’s life impact their earning potential some highlights include:

  • Those leaving education at high school level are less likely to earn in the £60-75K bracket than those taking degrees and vocational training.
  • Civil engineering and construction Master’s degrees bring a higher earning potential, followed by business and IT.
  • Popular membership choices for higher earners include PMI and the Chartered Institute of Management.
  • Those earning between £60K – £75K are the least likely to undertake project management training and accreditations.
  • Lower earners in project management are more likely to work within community and research based projects.
  • Those working within the £40-50K salary range were less likely to receive a bonus on top of their working wage.
  • High earners are not managing the largest project budgets. Those working in the £50-70K salary range are more likely to be managing budgets over £10 million.

For further insights the Project Management Salary Guide can be downloaded at:


*High earners are classed as earning over £75,000 per annum


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International Project Management Day

We have recently received the following about  International Project Management Day for the 5th November 2015:

Recognizing the Contributions of the Worldwide Community of Project Managers – International Project Management Day Purpose:

The need for strong and well defined project management methods and strong project leaders is clearly evident in the world wide business, government, and non profit communities. A Review of PMI’s Pulse of the Profession research indicates a significant positive difference in organizational performance when defined project management methods are executed by trained and competent professionals.

The men and women who have chosen project management as their preferred career path should be recognized for their perseverance and dedication to achieving targeted goals and objectives. It is extremely important for managers, project sponsors and executives to take a few moments and recognize the contributions to organizational success that are provided through strong project leadership and high performing project teams. IPM Day is not a celebration, it is a moment of recognition. Reserve your celebrations for your project successes and the achievements of your teams as they meet and overcome the challenges they encounter.


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Business Transformation published in The Times today

Evolving global markets, disruptive technologies and workforce shifts are just a few of the forces driving business change today. But while “change” may have become the new normal, executing true “transformation” is still a significant hurdle. This report explores how leaders should approach digital transformation, the role of customer influence in business agendas, leadership skills that inspire change, building a change culture with Generation Y and change guru Dr John P. Kotter’s eight steps for successful transformation

See the full report 

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Report highlights cost of failure in PjM

Trillions of pounds invested in projects, programmes and portfolios risk being wasted if the causes of project failure are not addressed, a major new report warns.

Research by APM into the Conditions for Project Success reveals that while the key to success is known, this practice is often not applied.  

As a result, nearly 80% of projects fail to wholly meet their planned objectives.

More than 850 project professionals from across the private and public sector took part in the study.

While the majority recognise the importance of critical success factors, such as clear goals and objectives, good governance and competent teams, they also acknowledge gaps in good practice.

Most alarmingly, only 4% rated project planning and review as excellent; while 14% said it was either poor or absent from their last project.

A further 39% felt competency levels in project teams was only moderately good, while nearly a third  felt a lack of commitment to the success of the project was not clearly dealt with.

Despite this, overall success ratings were consistently high; with over 90% of survey respondents reporting that their recent project had been successful to some degree. Only 6% considered their project a complete failure.

APM research manager Daniel Nicholls said: “While the headline reading is largely positive, a look beneath the surface reveals a number of issues that impact on the success of the project.

“From basic competencies through to confidence in senior sponsors, it is clear that the conditions for project success are not as prevalent as we would like to believe, or expect. The gap between theory and practice remains a vital concern and focus for senior project executives.”


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