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Undisputed Thought Leadership

Anyone can claim to be at the leading edge of the industry or a thought leader, but how many people put themselves ‘out there’ and go9237 IBP Stamp_Author WHITE into print as authors securing the backing of one of the world’s leading publishing companies like The TSO?

As evidence of our unique position, we have summarised here how we have contributed to the development of the programme and project management profession through leading the development and authorship of several publications!

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How can P3M3® help with your improvement roadmap?

The new version of P3M3® (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model) is a credible and proven tool to help us understand our maturity in managing change initiatives, to allow us to better understand what specific improvements in maturity might deliver to us in terms of benefits and strategic advantage, and to allow us to plan our journey to step changes in performance.  If you are new to P3M3 please check out this link

To find out how P3M3® can help with your improvement roadmap, please read this article

P3M3® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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The refresh of P3M3 is currently on schedule for completion on time, The authoring work is being led by the partnership between Aspire Europe and Outperform.

P3M3 has matured significantly since it was released in 2005 and our knowledge about what characterizes organisations at different levels of maturity has grown since the world wide uptake after the 2008 version was released.

There are public reviews now taking place of the various components, which have all undergone a thorough review to ensure they are aligned with the latest thinking and best practice.

There will be a separate Introductory Guide, along with the three detailed models on which P3M3 is built, namely, project, programme and portfolio management, these are all on their final public review now.

A revised Self Assessment toolkit has just been released for the first review of the project and programme versions.   If you or your organisation are interested in getting involved let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

Piloting of the models a range of customer organisations will be undertaken in the Autumn.

To see the official TSO announcement, here is the link  if you want to know more about what P3M3® involves, then here is a quick summary in our article “P3M3 in a Nutshell”

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